The Nova

6 way Nova with outgoing terminals at 18 mm c/c and incoming terminals at 35 mm c/c


A totally encapsulated, fully insulated 250A busbar system, including a fully rated neutral if required.

The Nova has acertifieda fault rating of 60KA conditional and 12KA/1sec.

Standard models are triple pole. Single pole, double pole and full multipole systems may be available. All are rated at 250A.

Other options, and special configurations, are available on request.

Colour coding for all connections.

Small and compact size (67 mm x 61mm in cross section).

The MillenniuM Nova will accommodate most major manufacturers standard range of MCB's and MCCB's up to 250AF.

Standard incoming terminals are designed to accept up to 250A incoming devices/interconnections.

Outgoing terminals are at 35mm, 30 mm, 27mm, 25 mm or 18 mm terminal centres, to accommodate fused switches, MCB's, MCCB's, isolators or direct connections to main cubicle busbar systems.

Shrouds for spare outgoing terminals available.

Suitable BSEN/EN/IEC 60439-1 1999 form 1 - 4 switchboard construction.

Outgoing neutral terminals on full multipole, or triple pole units with integrated neutral assembly, eliminate the need for expensive, and time and space consuming, wiring of remote neutral assemblies.

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