The Nova Triple Pole Units VT06/35/2.5F



A Nova 250A triple pole busbar unit.

The unit shown here will accommodate 6 no. Triple Pole 250A mccb's with connections at a nominal 35 mm c/c. This unit is available in sizes to accommodate outgoing devices of up to 105.5 mm in width. 110 mm may be available on request.

Outgoing terminals in this unit have a fork terminal (suffix F) to allow an M8 bolt fixing to the outgoing device, but can be made to suit devices requiring a solid (suffix C) or hole Suffix (H) fixing.

The incoming terminals are at the Nova standard of 35 mm c/c to accommodate a direct connection to a 250AF device. Cable or inter connections can also be used if required.

3 outgoing terminal shrouds are included as standard. Spare shrouds can be supplied as optional extras if required.

Fixing to the enclosure is via 2 M6 bolts which attach to an embedded connection at the rear of the unit.


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