The Bloc BM08/25/4CL



A Bloc 400A multipole busbar unit.

The unit shown here will accommodate 8 no. 4 Pole devices with outgoing connections at 25 mm c/c.

Outgoing terminals are shrouded in this picture, but can be made to suit devices requiring a solid terminal (suffix C) or with a hole (suffix H) or a fork type terminal (suffix F).

The incoming terminals are connected to the incoming supply via interconnecting links.

The red and blue phases are connected to the left and right using the phase connection clamp shown with 2 no. M8 bolts.

The yellow phase interconnection is via the single M10 bolt shown.

The outgoing Neutral terminals are on the left in this picture. They can be on the right if required.

There are 4 no.incoming Neutral connections. They are located at each side and at each end of the unit. The connection is via an M8 bolt.

8 shrouds are included as standard. Spare shrouds can be supplied as optional extras if required.

Fixing to the enclosure is via 2 M8 bolts which attach to an embedded connection at the rear of the unit.

For units withdimensions 25mm,25mm,25mm,30mm see here>>

For units with dimensions 25.7mm,25.7mm,25.7mm,27.9mm see here>>

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